Can I rent Tesla car in Split, Croatia?

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Can I rent Tesla car in Split, Croatia?

Cost-Effectiveness: Rent a Tesla in Split: Affordable Luxury car rental in Split

Author: Mirna Vuletic
18.03.2024 Zagreb, Croatia

Rent a car in Croatia – Tesla rental cars

Electric vehicles are becoming a prominent choice for eco-conscious drivers, aligning with the world’s embrace of sustainable transportation solutions. They offer an innovative and environmentally friendly driving experience sought after by many.

Electric car rental in Split, Croatia- Rental cars in Split (the city)


In response to the growing demand for electric mobility, car rental companies have begun offering Tesla rentals. That allows enthusiasts and curious drivers to experience the thrill of driving an electric car without the commitment of ownership.

In this article, we explore the cost of renting a Tesla. We will consider various factors that influence pricing and the potential benefits of choosing an electric car rental for your next adventure. Let’s delve into the world of Tesla rentals and uncover the financial aspects of this eco-conscious driving experience.

You can rent a car Tesla for a day or more- one of the most popular electric cars in the world. Let’s go on the road.


Why rent a car, Tesla?

Renting a Tesla car provides several distinct advantages that make it an enticing option for both locals and tourists alike.

Here are some more details:

Environmental Impact: By renting a Tesla, you actively support the transition to sustainable transportation. Tesla cars are fully electric and emit zero tailpipe emissions, helping to combat air pollution and reduce greenhouse gases.

Cost-Effective: While purchasing a Tesla can be a substantial investment, renting one allows you to experience the benefits without a long-term commitment. It can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the luxury and innovation Tesla offers.

Rent a car in Split(the city), Croatia, and enjoy your summer holiday- A.S.R. Zagreb


Range and Charging Infrastructure: Tesla vehicles come with impressive ranges, allowing you to explore various destinations without worrying about frequent recharging. Additionally, Croatia’s expanding network of charging stations ensures convenient access to power during your travels.

Autopilot and Safety Features: Tesla’s Autopilot system enhances driving safety by offering features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and automated braking. Renting a Tesla lets you experience these cutting-edge safety technologies.

Coming to Croatia? Try to rent a car in Split(the city, Diocletian’s palace) and enjoy in the one of the most popular cars


Silent and Smooth Ride: Tesla vehicles operate quietly and provide a smooth, vibration-free driving experience. This quiet ride allows you to enjoy the serene landscapes and ambiance of Croatia without engine noise distractions.

Tech-Savvy Interior: Tesla’s interiors are known for their minimalist yet tech-savvy design. The large touchscreen infotainment system and other advanced features make the driving experience more engaging and user-friendly.

Pick up one of the most popular cars and have amazing vacation(Rent a car Tesla)


Social and Experiential Value: Renting a Tesla can be a unique and exciting experience that sets you apart from traditional car renters. It can be an excellent conversation starter and an opportunity to educate others about sustainable transportation.

Photogenic Appeal: Tesla cars are visually striking and often turn heads. Renting a Tesla can add a touch of glamour to your social media posts and vacation photos.

Tesla car rental (Split car rental)- complete safety on the road and more


Positive Rental Experience: Many rental agencies offer excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable rental process. They can assist with charging, itinerary planning, and any questions related to the car.

Test Drive for Potential Buyers: If you are considering purchasing a Tesla in the future, renting one allows you to test drive the model you are interested in. It helps you make an informed decision about your potential investment.

Renting a Tesla car goes beyond mere transportation. It becomes a meaningful experience that combines luxury, innovation, environmental consciousness, and unforgettable adventures.

Car hire Tesla- one of the most popular cars in the country


Where can you rent a Tesla?

Tesla rentals were available in various locations worldwide, including some major cities and popular tourist destinations. However, the rental availability may have expanded or changed since then.

Here are some common places where you might find Tesla rentals:

Car Rental Agencies: Some well-known companies offer Tesla models in their premium or luxury vehicle categories. Examples include Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, and Sixt. You can check with local branches or their websites for availability.

Specialty Rental Companies: Some of them specialize in providing high-end and luxury vehicles, including Teslas. These companies often have a fleet of luxury cars for rent. You can find them in larger cities and popular travel destinations.

What is the best car rental for you? It is a Tesla car rental in Split


Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Platforms: Some peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms, such as Turo, allow private individuals to rent out their own vehicles, including Teslas. These platforms can provide more options and flexibility in terms of car models and locations.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts: Some luxury hotels and resorts offer Tesla rentals as part of their premium guest services. If you are staying at a high-end property, inquire if they have Tesla rentals available for guests.

Rent a car Tesla(car hire Tesla) – one of the most beautiful cars


Airport Rental Locations: Tesla rentals may be available at major airports, particularly in cities with high electric vehicle adoption rates. If you are arriving at an airport and wish to rent a Tesla, check with the agencies located at the airport. For example, there is an option for you, to pick up car at the airport (Split airport or any other).

Tesla Showrooms: In some regions, Tesla showrooms allow potential customers to test drive their vehicles. While not technically rentals, it can be an opportunity to experience driving a Tesla and learn more about the car.

Experience most of the country with Tesla car rental in Split

A reputable company that offers Tesla rentals is A.S.R. It is known for its premium services and has main locations in Zagreb and Split. A.S.R. also offers the option of picking up the vehicle in any city in Croatia, providing added convenience for customers. Whether you’re in the capital city of Zagreb, the coastal town of Split, or any other location in Croatia, A.S.R. allows you to access their Tesla rental services with ease.

Split is the best choice for these summer days. So, rent a car in Split and enjoy your vacation.

Split car rental- you can enjoy in the city for a day or more, come to Split airport and pick up your car at different locations(Split car, rent a car in Split)

A.S.R. has an office in Le Meridien Lav Hotel in Split (car rental). Le Meridien Lav Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located along the stunning Adriatic coastline in Split, Croatia. A.S.R.’s office within this upscale hotel setting complements the premium experience of renting a Tesla. It aligns with the hotel’s focus on providing exceptional services to its guests.

A.S.R. Rent-a-Tesla’s office in Le Meridien Lav Hotel, Split, is convenient due to its prime tourist location, easy accessibility, and access to hotel amenities. But also, the opportunity to engage with hotel guests and event attendees. It adds exclusivity to the rental experience and promotes sustainable transportation options.

It’s advisable to contact A.S.R. directly or visit website to inquire about availability, pricing, and any specific requirements for renting a Tesla in Croatia. It is your time to rent a car in Split and enjoy!

Car hire Tesla- pick up your car at any location (the airport, city center etc.)

The best option for renting Tesla cars?

A.S.R. Rent-a-Tesla Zagreb is a leading car rental company that specializes in providing premium electric vehicle rentals, with a particular focus on Tesla cars. With a commitment to sustainable transportation and a passion for cutting-edge automotive technology, A.S.R. has emerged as a top choice for individuals seeking a unique and eco-friendly driving experience in the picturesque city of Zagreb and beyond.

Wide Selection of Tesla Models: A.S.R. Rent-a-Tesla Zagreb offers an impressive fleet of Tesla models, including the popular Model S, Model 3, and Model Y. Each model boasts distinctive features and performance capabilities, catering to various preferences and travel needs.

There are rental cars Tesla in Croatia; at Split, Zagreb, or anywhere else


Convenient Locations: A.S.R. has established its main location in the heart of Zagreb, ensuring easy access for visitors and locals alike. Moreover, A.S.R. extends its exceptional service beyond Zagreb, allowing customers to pick up and drop off their Teslas in other cities throughout Croatia, adding convenience and flexibility to rent a car process.

Sustainable Driving Vision: A.S.R. Zagreb is not just a car company. It embodies a vision for sustainable and eco-conscious driving. By offering Tesla rentals, A.S.R. aims to promote electric mobility, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a greener future for transportation.

Rent a car at Split every day- the best car rental for you with A.S.R. Zagreb (Tesla car in Split)


Customer-Centric Approach: A.S.R. takes pride in its customer-centric approach, providing personalized assistance and support to ensure a seamless experience. Their dedicated team is readily available to answer inquiries, offer guidance on charging stations, and assist customers throughout the rental process(to rent a car).

Effortless Online Booking: With a user-friendly online booking system, A.S.R. streamlines the reservation process, enabling customers to book their desired Tesla model with ease. The platform provides transparency on pricing, available dates, and any additional services, simplifying the planning phase.

Split is a city in Croatia where you can rent car Tesla (your car, Diocletian’s palace, Split airport, Split car rental, and more)


Charging Solutions(range of car): Understanding the importance of a well-connected charging infrastructure, A.S.R. Rent-a-Tesla Zagreb offers insights into nearby charging stations, ensuring that renters have access to power during their travels. This charging assistance fosters peace of mind and encourages worry-free exploration.

Luxury, Comfort, and Performance: Renting a Tesla from A.S.R. allows drivers to indulge in luxurious interiors, cutting-edge technology, and smooth performance. The quiet ride, instant acceleration, and advanced features create an unparalleled driving experience.

A.S.R. Rent-a-Tesla Zagreb stands at the forefront of Croatia’s electric vehicle revolution, offering an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of Tesla and sustainable driving. A.S.R. offers a premium electric vehicle fleet, a customer-focused approach, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. But also, a gateway to explore Croatia’s beautiful landscapes with luxury, innovation, and eco-consciousness.

Try out rental car in Split for a week- It is a Tesla car at Split airport, the city, or anywhere in the country


How do you rent an electric car?

Renting an electric car is a straightforward process, and it’s becoming more accessible as the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) grows.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to rent an electric car:

  1. Research Rental Companies: Start by researching car rental companies in your area or the location where you plan to rent the electric car. You can look for companies that offer electric vehicles as part of their fleet. Some companies specialize in electric and hybrid vehicles, while others may have them available in specific locations.

  2. Check Availability: Once you have a list of rental companies that offer electric cars, you can check the availability of electric car models for your rental dates. Popular electric car models like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, or Hyundai Kona Electric are commonly available for rent in many locations.

A.S.R. car rental in Split at Le Meridien Lav Hotel- rent a car in Split(car rental)


  1. Compare Prices and Packages: Compare prices and packages for electric cars from different rental companies. Take into consideration duration, included mileage, insurance coverage, and any additional fees or services.

  2. Reserve the Electric Car: Once you’ve found a suitable company and electric car model, make a reservation. Many companies allow you to book online through their website or mobile apps. Provide the necessary information, such as your name, contact details, rental dates, and payment information.

Split car rental- car hire Tesla, choose pick up locations, and enjoy in one of the most popular cars(rent a car in Split)

  1. Review Rental Policies: Before finalizing your reservation, review rental company’s terms and conditions. That includes cancellation policies, insurance coverage, charging instructions, and any specific requirements for renting an electric car.

  2. Arrange Pickup or Delivery: If the company has a physical location, you may need to pick up the electric car from there. Some companies also offer delivery services, where they bring the electric car to your designated location, such as an airport or hotel.

Choose A.S.R. and pick up locations(at Split, Zagreb…), car hire Tesla and enjoy in your car rental in Split, Zagreb…

  1. Inspect the Car: Before accepting the electric car, perform a thorough inspection to check for any existing damages or issues. Note any findings on the rental agreement or take photos to avoid any disputes upon returning the vehicle.

  2. Charging the Electric Car: Familiarize yourself with the electric car’s charging requirements. Ask the company about charging options and charging stations available in the area where you’ll be driving the electric car.

With A.S.R.s car rental your experience will be the most amazing experience ever(best opportunity to rent a car, Split car rental)

  1. Enjoy Your Rental: Now that you have the electric car, enjoy your rental experience! Take advantage of the quiet ride, eco-friendly driving, and the unique features that electric cars offer.

  2. Return the Electric Car: Return the electric car to rent a car company at the agreed-upon date and time. Make sure the car is clean and in the same condition as when you received it.

Renting an electric car is an opportunity to experience the latest automotive technology and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Be sure to plan ahead, choose a reputable company, and follow these steps to have a smooth and enjoyable electric car rental experience.

There are so many options- choose Tesla car in Split(Split car rental, car hire) for a day or more


How much does it cost to rent a Tesla?

The cost of renting a Tesla can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the model of the Tesla, the duration, and the company’s pricing policies.

Tesla Model 3: The cost for these models may range from around €110 or more per day, depending on the location and duration.

Tesla Model Y: The larger SUV-style models typically have higher rental costs compared to the Model S and Model 3. Prices for Model Y may start from approximately €130 and go up per day, depending on the location and duration.

It is the time- time to rent a car in Split, come to Split airport and explore the city (Rent a Tesla car in Split- the best for you)


Tesla Performance and Luxury Models: High-performance versions of Tesla cars, such as the Model 3 Performance, and higher trim levels with added luxury features may command higher rental prices. Costs for these models can range from around €250 to €500 or more per day.

Seasonal and Location Variations: Prices for Tesla rentals may also vary based on the season and demand for electric cars in a particular location. Prices may be higher during peak travel seasons or in areas with limited availability of electric vehicles.

Rental Duration Discounts: Some companies offer discounts for longer rental durations. For example, the cost per day may decrease if you rent the Tesla for a week or more.

If you rent a car Tesla, you rent luxury- A.S.R. Zagreb


Additional Fees and Insurance: Additional fees, such as insurance coverage, security deposits, and optional add-ons, may impact the total cost.

For the most current and accurate rental prices, it’s best to directly contact companies that offer Tesla rentals in your desired location. Inquire about their pricing, available models, rental policies, and any promotions or discounts they may have at the time of your inquiry.

Keep in mind that charging costs, if applicable, should also be considered when calculating the total cost of renting a Tesla.

Tesla is the most popular electric car- You can rent a car in Split for the greatest experience ever( Split car rental)



Renting a Tesla provides an enticing opportunity for both eco-conscious individuals and automotive enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of electric mobility. Tesla’s reputation for cutting-edge technology, high performance, and sleek design has made it a sought-after choice in the electric vehicle market. The cost of renting a Tesla can vary based on factors such as location, model, and rental duration.

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly mainstream, rental companies offering Tesla rentals have emerged, catering to the growing demand for sustainable transportation options. Renting a Tesla allows drivers to experience the thrill of emission-free driving while gaining insights into the future of automotive innovation.

Rent a car in Split – try to rent a car of the year and enjoy


Furthermore, choosing a Tesla rental enables prospective buyers to test-drive the electric car before making a long-term commitment. That offers a valuable opportunity to determine if an electric vehicle aligns with their lifestyle and driving preferences.

The prospect of exploring picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant cities in a Tesla presents an unforgettable adventure that combines luxury, technology, and environmental consciousness.

A.S.R. Zagreb car rental service(Split car rental)- a place to rent a car in Split for a day or more


Renting a Tesla offers a glimpse of the positive impact electric vehicles can make on reducing carbon emissions for a greener future. With expanding electric infrastructure and wider adoption, renting a Tesla revolutionizes the driving and travel experience. Embrace electric mobility’s excitement and embark on a journey that leaves a positive mark on the world while embracing innovation.

So, don’t wait. Start the journey of your life at the airport with Tesla car in Split or anywhere else in Croatia.

Rent a car Tesla in the city and all you need to see will be easier- A.S.R. Zagreb rent a car service






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