ASR Tesla Rent-A-Car

14/10/2016 Mirko Kqrlovac

ASR Tesla Rent-A-Car

How We Came Up With the Idea

ASR Tesla Rent-A-Car

How We Came Up With the Idea

Back to 2014…

The story begins back in 2014 at the Geneva Auto show when my friend and I went to a car show to see a car (Tesla) about which someone had mentioned hearing something but very little was known about the car. We toured the Tesla showroom, admired its design—and then suddenly, were offered an impromptu test drive! It turns out there were two S models in the garage: It seemed rather strange that there was no crowd at all at the Tesla’s showroom, nor was there any queue for a test drive with the Tesla car.

Geneva Auto Show 2014

Who wouldn’t love it?

Delight and excitement are words that come to mind when thinking about the Tesla car.

Of course, we gladly accepted the ride, and when we both sat behind the wheel of Tesla, pressed the acceleration pedal, clung to a chair, and screamed and cursed as if our national football team was leading in the last minutes of the World Cup finals, I knew that Tesla would change my life.


Geneva Auto Show

Idea inception

‘The process of turning an original idea into something that can be put into action is called inception.’ It’s often said to happen in your head, but it really doesn’t just stay there!

Tesla S Model P85 / Zagreb, Hrvatska Tesla vozila


After returning to Croatia, a friend of mine bought the S model, which was the second Tesla that was purchased in Croatia at the time. I was persuaded to buy the same model for more than a year. At that time, financially I could not afford it, but I have never forgotten that feeling of excitement and joy when I was behind the wheel.


‘Enlightenment – feeling you get when something clicks’.

And then, one day while we were drinking coffee and waiting for his Tesla to fill up on one of the first chargers installed at the time, it hit me: why not rent Tesla cars?

Rent a car – Tesla / Zagreb, Hrvatska Najam vozila

I knew that 95% of people have never heard about Tesla cars, nor there were car rental companies in Croatia renting Tesla, so I thought, being among the first offering Rent a car – Tesla, it could be a successful business venture.

And that’s how our rent a car company idea with the Tesla cars was born, out of love for the best electric car in the world. In addition to this, we wanted to show people that Tesla is not just an expensive toy for millionaires, but a car that can be used every day, which was proven just a few years later, when Tesla revealed a new car, model 3, which is much more affordable car than the older Tesla’s models.

Rent-a-car Tesla / Zagreb, Hrvatska


We knew that Tesla cars will be more expensive to rent than traditional cars, but a lot of people are willing to pay extra for the luxury and environmental benefits of driving a Tesla. We decided to go ahead with the idea and open the company – Tesla Rent-A-Car company, renting only Tesla cars.

ASR – Tesla Model Y / Zagreb, Hrvatska Najam vozila u Hrvatskoj

Go for it !!

When we decided to go ahead with our idea, no one thought it would be successful. In fact, most people said that this was a crazy move because there were so few of them in circulation and no one jet heard about it, especially in Croatia. However, I was sure Tesla will be extremely successful and popular one day. It had to be! It was an I-phone ‘on the wheels’..,

It’s not brainstorming to figure out that cars in this price range, should be rented expensive…


At first, we considered having several different electric cars in our ‘rent a car’ fleet. However, once we looked into it more deeply and examined all the options that were out there, having only Tesla cars in our fleet was definitely the right and the only choice for us, because any other electric car at that time, was not even close to being compared with Tesla. We also believed that Tesla’s Autopilot feature is the future of driving.

Tesla autopilot

Sure, at the time, we expected very few clients to rent a Tesla in Croatia. That is why our concept was simply this: We will offer other services until Tesla becomes popular enough that people will want to rent it. Therefore, we were thinking about the services we could offer with the Luxury car.


Croatia is a touristic country, most visitors pass through Zagreb Airport from around Europe or other parts outside the region, on the way to the Croatian Adriatic coast. Shuttle service should do the job well… 🙂

Tesla 3 – Airport Shuttle Zagreb/Hrvatska

Tesla 3 – Airport Shuttle – Zagreb/Hrvatska       Najam vozila u Hrvatskoj

People usually look for luxury vehicles for their weddings, perfect opportunities…

Tesla Model 3 – Wedding Car / Zagreb, Hrvatska Najam vozila

Tesla Model 3 – Wedding Car / Zagreb, Hrvatska Najam vozila

Tesla Model S – Wedding Car Najam automobila u Hrvatskoj


Tesla car was a high-tech car, but completely unknown to the market. Why don’t we show to the masses what Tesla is, demonstrate all the technological possibilities to them, teach them something about electric cars, entertain them, relax them? Give them a little illusion that they are in a 5D movie theater, once we play Netflix and some clips with a lot of special effects? People should scream with happiness, just as we did, back in 2014. when we first saw and sat down at Tesla. If I was willing to pay a lot of money 20 years ago, in Italy, to drive a Ferrari event, I was sure that people would come to experience Tesla if we can make an event more affordable for people. That’s how the idea for our Tesla ride event was born.

Tesla ride event Najam automobila

ASR Rent-a-Tesla

Old Croatian saying – ‘patient – saved’

We have been looking forward to 2017 for model 3 to be produced, and even more eager to find a way to import them to Croatia in 2019, while it was still impossible to purchase and rent a car Tesla in our country. One nice and FUNNY day, on April 1st, the “ASR” Rent-a-car company, was founded.

Judging by the sales and popularity of Tesla everywhere in the world, the future looks bright for Tesla Rent-A-Car, and we are excited to see what the next few years have in store for us!

ASR Rent-a-Tesla Team

ASR Rent-a-Tesla Team

ASR Rent-a-car TESLA – charging

ASR Rent-a-car TESLA


So, if you ever found yourself in Croatia, a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly rent a car company while you’re here, consider renting a Tesla car. Not only will you enjoy the smooth ride and great features of this luxury car, but you’ll also be helping to reduce emissions and support renewable energy initiatives.

ASR Tesla Rent-a.car

ASR Rent-a-car


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